Australian Water Systems

When it comes to water, purity is second to none. Whether you are a home or business owner, you should put a premium on the quality of the water that enters your premises to protect primarily the people using it. And while comfort seems less significant, a steady supply of heated water makes a big difference especially during the chilly Australian winter.

CER Group Services can provide you with a myriad of viable solutions for your water-related concerns. Trust our accommodating team of specialists to assist you as you decide on the most appropriate water systems for your home or commercial space. We have partnered with the best suppliers to bring you a diverse selection of water heating and purification products and services, namely:

  • solar hot water systems
  • heat pump hot water systems
  • gas instantaneous water heaters
  • gas storage water heaters
  • electric hot water systems
  • water filters and purifiers
  • gas fitting services
  • water softeners

We also offer scheduled maintenance to address efficiency and compliancy so that you can be assured that your water and equipment are safe to use.

Is your home or business in need of a smart water filtration or heating solution? Discuss your specifications and budget with us.