Storm Water & Sewage Services

Water supply and demand, water quality, and even flooding–your business as well as stakeholders feel the impact of these water-related issues. Therefore, as a responsible member of the community where your venture operates, your company needs concrete water management solutions that address the specific issues in your working environment.

CER Group Services is your partner in the long-term sustainable management of one of Australia’s most valuable resources. We can help you put in place infrastructure and development controls to address sewage and storm water concerns. Our team of water sustainability experts can assist you in the following:

  • storm water harvesting and storage
  • storm water treatment
  • storm water recycling and distribution
  • sewage collection and storage
  • sewage treatment

We always make sure that our recommendations consider not only all aspects of the water cycle but your unique water infrastructure. By providing you with client-specific options in dealing with sewage and storm water, we are likewise helping your community to keep the natural water balance, preventing floods, protecting waterway habitats, and improving overall water quality.

To discover how you and your community can benefit from sustainable water management, get in touch with us today.