When it comes to lighting, each home or business is unique. Households primarily need uncomplicated and safe lighting products that can cope with rising energy costs. Commercial and industrial establishments, on the other hand, call for not only cost-effective illumination but also contingency lighting plans in times of power outages. Whatever your needs are, trust CER Group Services for smart and customised lighting solutions.

Our team of highly qualified and hardworking Australian electricians are here to help you illuminate your home. We understand that even the simplest of lighting projects can be a daunting task, so call us for worry-free light and power installation services.

For bigger challenges such as commercial or industrial spaces, we have excellent resources to help you decide on lighting and control systems that will not only suit your distinct business requirements but also help reduce your energy usage. We also install high-performance and high-reliability emergency evacuation luminaires, all of which are tested to make sure that they meet current Australian standards. Rely on our dedicated electricians to regularly inspect and maintain your building’s emergency lighting and replace any defective lamps so that they are ready for operation when the need arises.

Talk to us to learn more about how our lighting solutions can benefit your home or business.